Do You Have a Bathroom to be Proud of?

Many Brisbane & Ipswich bathrooms are in a drastic need of renovation, is yours one of them? You probably get up in the morning, use the shower, and then forget about the bathroom until you need it again that night, right? Have you ever thought that this one room could be all the difference needed to get the sale of your home? Have you ever thought that it might be the reason why your day doesn’t start as well as it might? Want to know why?

There is an old saying that kitchens and bathrooms help to sell houses. Despite the fact that you may have every other room done to a standard to be proud of, these two rooms could hold back that potential sale. That possible new homeowner will look at those rooms and see the state that they’re in – not the state that you’ve been happy to live with – and will see dollar signs floating in front of their eyes when it comes to ripping out the fixtures and fittings, and starting again. This doesn’t have to happen.

A buyer will always overestimate the cost of the work, and devalue your home accordingly – don’t give them the chance. If you live in Brisbane & Ipswich, bathroom renovation is going to be easy to solve; it’ll only take a phone call. The price you pay will be way below the cost that the potential buyer would expect to pay, so get it done and don’t give them a reason to devalue your home.

What if you don’t want to sell, why should you renovate? It’s so easy to start the day on the wrong foot. You get up, things start to go badly, and that’s the pattern for the rest of the day. Some slumps just tend to go on. Is your bathroom adding to your bad start to the day? Do you get to the shower and discover that the water isn’t flowing as it should? You have a shower curtain that clings to you like a pet puppy? Or that you have nowhere to keep your clothes dry while in the shower? It’s a common problem in many Brisbane & Ipswich bathrooms, but not one you have to keep putting up with.

The chances are that you think of yourself as a pretty good DIYer, but some people still breakout in a cold sweat when it comes to tackling a bathroom. Just think about it for a moment: pipes could burst; you could damage the toilet; getting a bath or shower in the right place and connected properly, can be a nightmare; and that’s not to mention the other decorating. So what can you do?

If you don’t fancy having the bathroom out of commission for several days – while you fix the things that didn’t go so well with your DIY effort – and you live in Brisbane & Ipswich, bathroom issues are no longer a problem, well, renovation problems anyway. At P.T.A.H you’re going to find experts in bathroom renovation brisbane, and they can get your bathroom sorted out quicker than it takes a weak bladdered beer drinker to realise that light coloured shorts are a bad idea.

They’ll be able to get your bathroom done in a style that will compliment the rest of the house, but will be as modern as you’d expect a 21st century bathroom to be. You can have your own input on what you want, or P.T.A.H can help you out on what’s helping houses to sell these days, or just what you’re going to need to make your day start right, in the bathroom department anyway.

When it comes to Brisbane & Ipswich, bathroom renovations are only a quick phone call to P.T.A.H away, and you know it makes sense to get it renovated as quickly as possible, right?