Tired of Seeing Home Extensions Brisbane & Ipswich Residents Dread?

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in the Wild West, and when it comes to home extensions, Brisbane & Ipswich residents have seen more than their fair share of cowboys rolling down the streets. So, how do you run these ‘ornery varmints’ out of town? Let’s have a look, shall we?

The first thing that you need to do is to plan ahead. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to draw up the plans for the extension yourself – though it can be an option – it just means that you should plan far enough in advance that you aren’t scrambling for the phone book when you realise that Christmas is approaching, and you don’t have enough room in the house to accommodate the extended family – especially if some of the family extend even more over Christmas.

You need plenty of time to check out Home Extensions Brisbane & Ipswich residents have had done, and even see if you can talk to a few of the people in your area to see who they can recommend to you. On paper, every company that you look at will seem to do the best home extensions Brisbane & Ipswich residents could ever possibly have done, but we all know that there are some pretty clever ad men out there, don’t we? You only have to look at the number of television programmes about dodgy homes to see that people don’t always get what they bargain for.

So, to avoid being in TV programmes that you don’t want to be on, get referrals for companies first. Even when you do get a referral for a company, see if you can check out some of the work that they’ve done on the person’s home; is it the sort of workmanship that you’d be able to live with?

If you don’t know anybody who’s had any home extensions, Brisbane & Ipswich or otherwise, then it’s time to power up the computer and search for information about some of the companies in your area. The internet can be a great way of finding out if people are happy with local companies, but don’t take everything that’s said about a company at face value – rivals tend to know that it can be easy to spread false gossip about companies, too.

Once you’ve tracked down a company that sounds a likely contender, it’s time to make an appointment to go and see them. Make sure you’re prepared, though.
When you’re sitting at home it’s easy to come up with a number of things that you’d like to ask them, but can you ever remember those questions when you’re sitting across a table from them? Not usually, right? So while you have your thinking cap on, write down a list of the things that you want to know. Even if you think the questions might sound a little ‘dumb’ don’t worry, you need to feel comfortable about your choice of company, and the companies doing the best Home Extensions Brisbane & Ipswich have to offer will realise this, and know that you’re serious about the choice you make.

So, to get you started, here are a couple of things that you could ask them:

re they registered for the kind of work that you need to have done? Are they part of a trade association, and can you contact that association to confirm it? Have they worked on property that’s the same age as your home? Can you have some input on the type of work and finishes that will be done on the house? Are plans required, and if so, whose responsibility is it to get them and make sure they comply with local regulations? How long is the project likely to take? Last, but not least for most people, how much will it all cost?

Those are just a few of the things that you could be asking when you talk to companies that claim to do the best home extensions Brisbane & Ipswich residents are going to get. If you aren’t totally happy with the answers, or you don’t feel comfortable with the company, move on, you haven’t lost any money at this stage in the proceedings.

Talking of stages, I can almost see those cowboys riding out of town on one when people get wise to their game, and start asking the right questions. So, if you want to avoid the cowboys, and get the best home extensions Brisbane & Ipswich residents can get, give yourself enough time to do your homework first, and start your search with P.T.A.H; after all, they have more than enough experience to know what people really need from their new extensions.